15 Minutes a Day… and we’re back

So, for the past few weeks, there has been no 15 minutes a day, because, I have been procrastinating like a boss at my miniatures. I have, though, improved my storage though and I now have some documents boxes for storing work in progress miniatures to keep the dust off them while I slowly work though the mound. (Or, he could just work faster then there wouldn’t be any dust… – Deputy Ed.)

15 Mintues a Day Box o Minis
These boxes are inexpensive and are the right height for even tall models

First up this week, is the start of a new army for a new system – my Bolt Action Americans. After enjoying painting the command squad I got a while back and after finding out from a mate of mine that there are other people that play locally including him, I bought a box of American Infantry and I have got the box mostly built. I just need to build a Jr officer and a bazooka team and I’m working on cleaning up the mold lines. As they have now been based, I can also now base the metal command squad too

15 Mintues a Day Americans 1
The first squad of American infantry, ready for action


15 Mintues a Day Americans 2
The second squad, also built and based and ready to be undercoated

I also have two metal MG teams and two metal bazooka teams that I will start working on when I get these guys done and get some bases for them. One of the MG teams is from Warlord the other MG team and the bazooka teams are from a company called Artizan designs who can be found here.

15 Minutes a Day Bolt Action Blisters
It will be interesting to see how the MG teams from the two companies compare

As well as these, I picked up some French Officers (also from Artizan) so i can use my Americans as Free French Troops if I fancy it.

15 Minutes a Day French Foreign Legion Officers
French Foreign Legion Officers which will make one Bolt Action army into two!

Next up is the Guard. I haven’t really done much, but I did find this guy a while back and if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me post about him. I am going to paint him up firstly as a bit of a change of pace and to try and improve how I do skin tones, and secondly because he is really characterful sculpt. Thirdly I need a company commander for my Catachans and this guy seems suitably badass and is one of the best sculpts that GW have done for Catachans after the newest Iron Hand Straken (and if anyone mentions Sly Marbo you are spelling The God-Emperor of Mankind wrong)

15 Mintues a Day Fisty
I’m pretty sure this is one of the fragments of the God Emperor, just look at those abs!

The IG Command Squads are coming along nicely, if a little slowly and by slowly I mean I keep forgetting to work on them. The same goes for the Infinity too, although that is more me running out of skill as well as putting them on the back burner for a bit while I get some of the more pressing stuff out of the way like the Bolt Action and the Guard.

15 Mintues a Day Guard Command 1
One guard command squad showing my old and new colour schemes side by side


15 Mintues a Day Guard Command 2
A second command squad, all looking smart in their new colour scheme

Next week, I should be back in the saddle on the hobbying front. Hopefully, I will have at least one of the Guard Command Squads sorted and the Americans at very least undercoated, although I am hoping to have them at at a much more advanced stage for next week’s 15 Minutes a Day.


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