15 Minutes a Day – Curse This Weather

This week in 15 minutes a day, I wanted to show the progress on the miniatures that I was hoping to get undercoated but, unfortunately, the British weather said nope (again). So, this week expect a lot of dark green and grey because one thing I have a lot of is undercoated, half-painted Guardsmen.

The Guard squad I showed last time has come along nicely, as in they are mostly done they just need their bases doing, some slight neatening up and I may give the skin a highlight of Cadian Fleshtone as it is the layer for the base I use which is  Bugmans Glow. But, overall, I am very happy with them as they will blend nicely into the mass of the other squads. I will also be adding some squad markings to help distinguish the different squads in a platoon, but I will do this when I have got the rest of the platoon that they are part of finished.

All done bar some neatening up
All done bar some neatening up

Next up is my Veterans. When I built them I raided my bits box, so they all have backpacks as well as extra pouches and the squad has three plasma guns from the Cadian command squad box. As they are Veterans I am going to spend a little bit more time on them because, much like the command squads, I will be using them as sort of centrepiece to break up the mass of Guardsmen. I am also working on a Chimera for the Veterans or my Stormtroopers (Scions) to ride in, but that will be shown off next week.

Veterans Squad part 1
Veteran Squad part 2

I did say this week I was going to show off everything I have done so far, but as I have only finished one squad I am going to push that back to next week. I have managed to get precisely one thing done this week so, hopefully, I will have had a chance to get some undercoating done in the coming week. Also, this series will now be appearing on a Thursday (UK time) rather than Friday.


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