15 minutes a day – Other Commitments, How Thou Art A Spanner

Last week (and the week before), there was no 15 minutes a day, due to the fact I didn’t take the pictures in time as I had some other commitments, which was a shame. I have still not managed to get any form of undercoating done due to the weather and some time constraints.

So, without further ado, here is some of the stuff I have been working on this week. As you can see my Veterans are coming along nicely, all the backpacks are now at the same level – which is base coat of Scorched Brown followed by a black wash and then highlighted with Flat Brown. I still don’t know what colour I am going to do for the bedrolls that some of the vets have, I am thinking a tan colour or maybe a green that matches their uniforms.

my view when gaming
My view when gaming

I decided to go back and give a highlight of Cadian Fleshtone to the Guardsmen squad I had finished, just to give the skin a little bit more definition as it was a little flat.

And now they have some definition
…and now they have some definition


If you go back a bit on the posts on the site, you will note I was working on a Looted Panzer for Flames of War, well, I have restarted work on it and managed to inadvertently make the hull and turret a different colour. I think this actually looks good as it adds to to the salvagedness of the tank. The tanks is, I think, a Plastic Solder Company T-34 and it came with both the turret mounting the 85mm and a turret mounting the 76mm gun. Here, it is shown with the 85mm turret fitted.

Looted Panzer

Last up this week is another tank, this time a Chimera for my Veterans or Stormtroopers. The hull is a lot further along than the turret which is why they are different colours. The regimental ID markings were painted on for a my friends birthday at Warhammer World and need neatening up. I also have one of the Forge World Imperial Guard tank decal sheets that I will be making full use of.


That is everything for this week’s 15 Minutes a Day, next week the Looted Panzer should be finished, I just need to find a suitable commander for it as well as finish the other turret. Hopefully I will get the Chimera and veterans finished this coming week to week too I also have realised that I have not finished off my Crimson fists so they will also be making an appearance next week .


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