15 Minutes a Day – The Basening

This week’s 15 Minutes a Day can perhaps best be summed up as: and now we base all the miniatures, grr paint fail and “Oh no! I have fallen into Crusader Kings II, XCOM2 and Farming Simulator 15 and I can’t get out! Send help… ooo I have enough money to buy another cow… *mutters indistinctly*”.


15 Minutes a Day - Stuff to be based


Anyway, I have managed to build up a large enough backlog for a basing spree, so that was the the focus of this weeks efforts. I like quite simple bases because, as most of my miniatures will be being used for wargaming, I don’t want to have spend time repairing bases. Usually, I put some sand on the bases when the mini is built before I undercoat it, then once I have painted the mini it’s a base oat of dark brown (normally Citadel Scorched Brown) followed by a brown wash which is weirdly enough Agrax Earthshade. After that, I give it a dry brush of a light brown and once that has dried I get out the static grass and apply that in small clumps. After the PVA has cured my bases are done and ready for the board.

I will not be basing the Bolt Action just yet, due to the fact I will need to get my Vallejo White Pumice out and I like to use it with more than just three miniatures. I also want to make my Bolt Action all have coherent bases, to ensure that they look good as a group, so I will wait until more models are ready for basing. I have also started work on my Bolt Action troops, as you can seen here
15 Minutes a Day - Boltaction US army Infantry


The eagle eyed among you may notice that, a while ago, I posted a picture of this Chasseur on Twitter showing him with grey trousers. I have now given him light green trousers instead, because the grey was making it really hard to see the camo I was putting on. After another look at some of the tutorials on the internet, I have decided to try working from a light colour to a darker one. I have got the camo done and his boots but that Is about it. The rest of them I haven’t really done anything with since the last time I showed them.
15 Minutes a Day - Chassher


Last but by no means least the Knight and funny thing abut him, is that he is the paint fail. The paint I was using for his skin kinda just flaked off, so I have had to redo it. With that sorted, the model is coming on well: the armour is done and is just in need of neatening up and I have started work on his heraldry, which I got the idea for from one of my favourite games, CK2.


15 minutes a day - Knight

Next week, expect some more camo on the Infinity, the noble knight will be done and last but by no means least yet more on the command squads and also more Bolt Action as I should have started painting the rank and file infantry.


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