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I have a lot of unpainted/half painted/primed and based miniatures and I keep geting more (and more, and yet more – Izzy) So, putting off painting is a thing that I really need to get a handle on as, well, the mound of unpainted plastic, metal and resin is starting to get out of hand. To try and tame the mound, I am going to try 15 minutes a day painting to start with. I got this idea from the Models Workshop after hours Podcast Episode 18 – one of the guys on it recommended to try it if you are in a bit of a painting funk and well to put simply I have had a chronic lack of painting mojo due to the daunting task of dealing with my hobby mound.

So, what I am going to do is for the next few months I am going to paint for 15 mins minimum each day then, once a week, I am going to do an update of what I have managed to paint, probably on a Thursday. To start with, I have been working on the start of a new Crimson Fists army for 40k. I got this squad from one of my local charity (thrift) shops for £10 still in the shrink wrap. I built, based, under-coated and started painting them and then I got distracted. I have tried to get each one of them to to look individual but posed so, when you put them together, they look like a squad engaged in combat.

So after a month of 15 minutes a day (with a few skipped days due to illness and distractions) what have I got done so far?

Well, the first models that I have painted are these two. Their poses are some of my favourites and they are mostly complete; the bases just need some static grass adding, along with the decals, then they are done.

"What do you Detect Brother?" "HERESY Brother so Much Heresy!"
“What do you Detect Brother?” “HERESY Brother so Much Heresy!”
Looks like only a little bit of heresy
Looks like only a little bit of heresy

Next is the squad’s Sergeant. I have not given him the back banner as I don’t like how it looks. The chainsword is yellow ready to put hazard stripes on it, because I have been looking though the brightly coloured mayhem that was the second and third editions of Warhammer 40k. Other than his chainsword and a few minor details he’s nearly done.

Squad Sargent

The next up is the rest of the squad’s Tactical Marines. They are all at the stage where I am sorting out the red on them, so the red trim on the shoulder pad and the left hand before picking out all the smaller details, like the symbols on the front of the chest plate, the helmet lenses and the bolters .

These two marines are about 57-75% complete
These two marines are about 57-75% complete
These three marines are about 50% of the way to completion
These three marines are about 50% of the way to completion

The last two are the Marines with the squad’s heavy and special weapons – these have had nothing done to them bar the base coat of Dark Pruissa blue from Vallejo’s model color range.

Only Just started on these two
Only Just started on these two.

That’s every thing I have managed to do so far and the plan for next week is for this squad to be finished and for what I decide to work on next to be started, or at the very least chosen.


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