15 minutes a day the guard roll in

The army I started wargaming with was the Imperial Guard from Warhammer 40,000. The Imperial Guard (or Astra Militarum if you really must) is a horde army and I have been collecting them since the plastic Cadians were released in 2003, so consequently they are my largest army and have the most mini’s that need painting I am also in the middle of changing colour schemes from khaki and dark brown to dark green and gray that you can see below.
As well as the Guardsmen, this week I have been basing up minatures with the plan being to spray undercoat them but, alas, the British weather says no.
 This squad was painted up for a friend of mines birthday party at Warhammer World and, well, I procrastinated about it until the last minute so they are in the most basic of paint jobs. The plan is to neaten them up and finish them off and then get the rest of the platoon they are part of finished.
I have also been preparing several miniatures to be under coated. The first of these is an old metal Bjorn The Fell-Handed, which I got from a local charity (thrift) shop for cheap along with a load of second ed marines and Orkz. I started hand undercoating him, but realised that the the best thing to do would be to to spray him because of all the little nooks and crannies.
Bojron the fell hanneded
Next up is this Knight from Ral Partha. I got him for really cheap from my local hobby shop and I will be using him for Frostgrave when I get around to starting that.
 the kinght
Last, but by no means least, is part of my just started Elysian army. I have realised now that I need to add the bipod to the melta gun and one of them has lost a shoulder pad.
 Elyisans unpainted
The scheme for these models will be this one.
Eyislan painted
The idea for the camo on the armor came from a picture of a Peruivan army helicopter. This is one of the Elysians I have already painted in this scheme
 Next week I will be showing off everything I have done so far and hopefully I will have been able to undercoat, if the weather is nice to me.


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