15 Minutes a Day – New Year, Still a Massive Mound

So, this is my first 15 Minutes a Day of the new year and, well, I have a fair bit to show off.
Last time I showed off a platoon Command Squad I have been working on. I have since dug the other one out of my case so I can work on both of them at the same time to give consistent look. As you can probably see in the pictures below, one of the Command Squad’s officers is painted differently – this is my old colour scheme and it was a complete and utter pain to do, hence the change to green and grey.
 Command Squad 1
To distinguish the two platoons (and any other platoons I build) I will be adding a symbol to the standards to show which platoons are which. When I have enough guardsmen painted for an infantry company, the company Command Squad will have the symbol painted larger on their flag, or a stripe or something. The plan is for this company is to have a Diamond as its symbol.
 Command squad 2
Next up is the Bolt Action US Army command. I would say that they are mostly done – I am still picking out details and neatening them up. They will also need their bases sorting out, so I will be digging out the white pumice paste for that. I enjoyed painting them, so it looks like it’s going to be a  US army for Bolt Action, so watch this space for more ‘Murica! I have still not managed to fix the gloss on the officers jacket though, which is somewhat annoying.
Bolt action US army
This is a new project that I have been working on, in the shape of some Infinity. This is going to be my first attempt at painting camouflage since about 2010 so wish me luck. I am also trying out the Primer paint from the GW Technical Range so that I don’t have to worry about dealing with the weather making it hard to undercoat. This paint does need a good hard shake to get it to work, otherwise it goes on a little watery. I am still working out what kind of camouflage I am going to do, although I’m thinking that I may try Digital Camo on one of the models.
Infinity mini's
Last, but by no means least, is this RPE Miniatures and Games Light Knight that I have been trying to get undercoated for ages. After using the GW Primer on a few other minis, I remembered that I had been meaning to prime him a while ago, so I have started work. It does take a few coats, but hopefully I will have that sorted by next week so I can get on with painting him.
the knight
Next week for 15 Minutes a Day, I am going to work on getting the basing backlog down, as this will finish off the Bolt Action and make some progress towards the Infinity. I am also hoping to start work on the Light Knight (as well as trying to find out more about him) and get all of the symbols painted on the platoon/company Command Squad banners.


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