15 minutes a day- Now for some Command

This weeks 15 Minutes a Day can be summed up as: I’ll get these Crimson Fists sorted, oh look Just Cause 3, I’ll just play 30 minutes… (3 hours later) Why is it dark and why am I hungry? So, not much as been done this week.

The Guard Veterans squad is now done bar any little details I have missed. They just need basing now, so once the Crimson Fists are done then I will get on and deal with my basing backlog.
Vets 1 - 15 Minutes a Day

vets 2 - 15 Minutes A Day

The Crimson Fists are coming along nicely – I have the squad up to the stage where I would be happy to use them in a game, they just need some of the smaller details picking out and some final highlights and then they are done.

CF squad pt1 - 15 Minutes a Day

CF squad part 2 - 15 Minutes a Day



On to the Bolt Action. I need some more brown wash to get them finished as I may or may not have knocked over the pot of Agrax Earthshade I was using. On the bright side, the wood grain on my desk is now nice and shaded. On the down side, I now need some more.

Bolt Action Command 1 - 15 Minutes a Day

As the Veterans are now done, the next Guard unit to get painted is this Platoon Command Squad. I have a few of these and I use them as centrepieces for the platoon, so I am going to be spending a lot more time on them. At the moment, they just have base coats of (what I believe is now called) Castellan Green and Mechanicus Standard Grey. As for the skin, I have no idea as I started painting these in 2013.

Platoon command squadPlatoon Command Squad 1 - 15 Minutes a Day

Next week in 15 Minutes a Day,  I am hoping to have the Bolt Action finished, so I need to pick up some more Brown Shade. I also want to get the Platoon Command Squad’s uniforms done and resume work on the Chimera.


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