15 Minutes a Day – Now for some History

This week for 15 minutes a day, I have been working on some more historical stuff in the shape of a US Army Command Clamshell for Bolt Action from Warlord Games. They are mounted on GW bases, as Warlord don’t appear to put bases in their blister packs. The models are about 80% done, although I do need to rewash them with brown as the original wash was gloss, which meant shiny men, and the Medic needed his shirt redoing as I painted it up like a jacket so it was the wrong colour. Other than that, they are nearly finished.
Bolt action command 1

On to the Space Marines. These were the first squad I showed off on this series and I forgot to finish off the Marines carrying the squad’s flamer and missile launcher, so I have given them the black wash like the rest of the squad. The next step is go over the base coat again with the Dark Prussian blue from Vallejo and then a highlight of the lighter Regal Blue from Games Workshop’s older paint range. That will finish the armour and then its the just the details.
Rockets and flamers

The Veteran Guardsmen are done mostly, I am just going over them and picking out the little details I missed and and neatening up. I will base them when I have got a few more squads finished to get the basing done in bulk.

Can you see what I have done?
Can you see what I have done?

I haven’t done much with the T-34 this week as I still looking for a suitable commander as the one I was using I had to use to replace the commander of my flames of war Tiger I heavy tank which got knocked off. I am going to use one of the spare german StuG commander that you get in Open Fire when I find the right sprue. I also haven’t done much on the Chimera as I am running low on black wash, so until I can get some more, big things like tanks are going to have to wait.

Next time, I should have the Bolt Action finished, as well as the Crimson Fists and hopefully I will have found the commander for the T-34 as well as acquiring some black wash so I can get the Chimera finished.


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