An Update to the site

Hello everyone
As the Regular users of the site have probably noticed there site has just been updated this update has been planned for a few weeks but not to this extent.
We now have a new forum Unfortunately there was no way to Transfer the existing users across from the old site Forums to the new Site so your unfortunately going to have to sign up to the forum again But If you make your self known on the New forums when the Rank Badges are sorted out you will get a special one That won’t be Awarded For a long time So to sign up click on Forums link on the black bar at the top of the page.
Otherwise enjoy the new site and what changed other than the new forum?

  • you can now comment on stuff with out needing to sign up.
  • The content is now properly organized into sections
  • The RSS should now be working

That going to be Happening next?

  • A logo should be appearing soon 
  • Rank Badges in the Forum
  • A site twitter account

Plus a few things still at the early planing stage that may not even happen




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