Cities in motion 2 review

The sequel to one of my all time favourite games cities in motion is now out now cities in motion and it’s sequel are a bit of an oddity their Public transport management sims were you manage the Transport needs of a city much like The A-train games now. So what’s changed with second Game then? well the first thing you notice is the main menu has been completely revamped and Look a  lot sleeker than the First game’s the next thing you will notice is the multi-player option But more on that later.

CiM2 menu screen


You also now get a profile in which you can change the player name the player’s appearance, the company name along with changing the colours that are on your companies vehicles and what your companies logo looks like and the Logos colour scheme.

Profile menu

 the Campaign mode and the map editor from the first game are back there is now a sandbox mode whtich is a useful place to test things out, practice and if you want turn the need for money off and Build the public Transport system OF DOOOOM!!!

Now the Graphics have been improved the game looks very nice and the addition of a Day Night cycle is a welcome improvement and adds to experience


Now game play what have they changed? well they have added the need For depots for each type of transport services the services are Bus,Trolley Bus,Tram,Metro train   water Bus but missing from the First game are the helicopters and the underground subway trains but the addition of trolley buses is cool as previously they were only available on one of the DLC cities.The new day night cycle works too with the streets full of Cars and pedestrians during the day with even more at rush hour and the streets nearly deserted late at night

City at night

Although I have had in built up areas  heavy traffic at 2am in the morning

heavy traffic at 2am


one of the other  big new things is the addition of Bus lanes which make the successful use of the land based transport much more simpler if the road has them but there only on some roads and you can place them like Tram Track the new  Road placement also allows for some interesting problem solving with congestion and the placement of the new depots along with the ability  to place your own roads that just have bus lanes and you can also place Pedestrianized roads that can only be used by foot traffic and you can also place Tramlines.


Along with with the ability to place  pedestrianized roads you can also place all the normal types of road you can see in the game and some that are not like a road with nothing but bus lanes

Something that was missing from the First game  which I have found very useful is there is now a time-table function this means that you can can have services that lessen off in the evenings and night and during the morning and evening rush-hour’s you can have more Transport  this I have found is useful for stopping the haemorrhaging of money   at night or time of less load this makes the game more realistic and more Interesting I found myself tinkering with Timetables to make my services more efficient and more profitable


(Now I will be doing a review of the muiltplayer mode in the next few weeks as i think it should be done separately)


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