Comic Con Leicester 2015 after show report

On 11th October 2015 Leicester had a Comic Con held at the Athena in the city’s cultural quarter and this what I thought of it. This Comic Con was not done by the same organizer as last year so I am not going to compare the two cons though I may reference last year’s event. I bought an early bird ticket which was £12 and meant getting in at 10 rather than 11 (which was the entry time for normal tickets), this was good as it allowed me to have a look around the geek market and see what was on offer in the Gaming Zone before they both got busy. The staff were friendly, had boundless enthusiasm and looked like they were having as much fun as as the attendees.

the queue for early bird ticket holders at Comic Con Leicester 2015
the queue for early bird ticket holders at Comic Con Leicester 2015

So what was actually there? Well, there was good sized Geek Market which had everything everything that a geek would need (plus some stuff I didn’t know I needed). There was everything from geeky knitted crafts to imported Japanese Pokémon stuff along with vintage and newer action figures (I couldn’t find a Wedge Antilles from Star Wars though.) The Retroactive guys were also there, with a stand of Gameboys and it wasn’t just normal Gameboys either, there was some really nice ones with the backlight mod. Another cool thing that Retroactive did is to provide consoles for the Gaming Zone.

the Geek Market at Comic Con Leiecster 2015
The geek market was much bigger than this shots show unfortunately this is the best shot as the others didn’t come out to well

In the Gaming Zone, there were three gaming areas with everything from the Atari VCS to Sony PS4 and some really unusual systems (NEC SuperGrafx) and Typing of the Dead on Dreamcast, which I couldn’t get on. The best bit was that most of the games in the the gaming area were multiplayer games and it was a delight just to see all these old consoles, along with this mass of retro goodness. There were also some Indie game devs – the Gang Deasts (which is awesome) devs were there, as well as a really cool music track game called Spectra which I had a go on and failed at playing but I love the look of it and it sounds awesome. Last, but by no means least, is Apocalypse Neighbours by Boom Co which really did pique my interest.

A view of one the game zones at Comic Con Leicester
A view of one the game zones at Comic Con Leicester
Yours truly playing Galaga on an Atari 7800
Yours truly playing Galaga on an Atari 7800 (thank you to Tania for the picture)

There was a tabletop & board games section, which was awesome and I picked up B-wing for FFG’s X-Wing game for nice and cheap and they were doing demonstration games of some of the more popular games. There was a nice amount of stuff for sale in this section and the prices were not bad – they were a little cheaper than RRP and my new B-wing cost me £10 rather that the normal £12-15 that I would expect to pay.

There was a good selection of stuff that wasn’t just games and geeky stuff you could buy, including a body paint demonstration and a set of models of the original Battlestar Galactica fleet which were some of the most beautiful models I have seen in a while.

BSG Fleet model at Comic Con Leicester

There was a lot of Cosplayers including enough Deadpools to make a Deadsea (or perhaps a Chimichanga of deadpools?)

two of the several dead pools
two of the several dead pools


The only real issues were: there wasn’t really place to stop or sit down and in on the second floor of veneue which is an old Cinema there a was a slight congestion problem especially around the Game Beasts stand and Retroactive’s Gameboy Shack. Transport was an Issue, for me anyway, because in Leicester on Sundays the public transport is pants, which meant that I couldn’t stay for the whole event as I would have had only one chance to to get my bus home. Which was a shame. because there was lots more stuff I wanted to see such as one of the talks.

So would I go next year? Yes, I would. I enjoyed myself, the ticket price wasn’t too bad, there were very few issues and most of all I had fun.

( Note Due the Camera that was taken to Comic con Conking out so some of the pictures aren’t the best)



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