Comic Con Leicester 2016 Gallery

On June 4th-5th 2016 the sold-out Comic Con Leicester arrived to take Leicester by storm. Featuring a large market place for all manner of nerdy goodies, body painting, talks and classes and a large selection of vintage consoles, this years Comic Con Leicester was in all respects bigger and better than last year’s event and, mercifully for those of us that use public transport, open for business on both Saturday and Sunday. I attended the event on Saturday and was impressed by how much an already great event had been improved, with thoughtful layouts to minimise congestion and more seating than last year’s event. Downstairs hosted the main stage and the marketplace, which was chock full of interesting clothing, art and items all the way from Japan. Upstairs housed the more electronic side of the event, with a great selection of vintage hardware including the rare Virtual Boy (headache relief not included). I also had the chance to attend a talk by the legendary author Dan Abnett and even tried my hand at some manga style drawing. I was also awed by some of the creative cosplays, including Lolitas, Deadpools and even an miniature Matt Smith. Below are some pictures I took at the event, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any snaps of the retro hardware because there were just too many people to get the shot! Overall, I had a great time at Comic Con Leicester 2016 and I’m already looking forward to next years event.


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