Deals of the Week – 11/04/16

Well, it’s been a while due to unforeseen circumstances but I’m glad to be back to bring you Deals of the Week, where we hunt for the finest deals from Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars and Steam Weeklong so you don’t have to.

Steam Weeklong Deals

There are 209 products on sale this week, with a few nice titles to choose from. My first recommendation is Sir, You Are Being Hunted (-60%, £5.99) which is so British I feel positively inferior to its tea-and-biscuits majesty. Stealth like Solid Snake (cardboard box optional) and survive like Bear Grylls in this quirky title where a large number of tweed clad robots are hunting you for, well, sport. Sir, You Are Being Hunted has atmosphere in spades and beings tea crates full of British humor to the table making a unique and, at times, genuinely terrifying experience.

sir you are bing hunted
Don’t look now, but I think someone’s after me! (Sir, You Are Being Hunted)

Next up is a hidden object game that I actually reviewed a while agoPortal of Evil: Stolen Runes Collector’s Edition (-40%, £2.87). This game raised the bar for me in terms of what Hidden Object games should be, by not only having an engaging story, but also changing up the typical puzzles a bit to keep you on your toes. If you missed out on the bundle, I recommend picking up as a fun way to while away a few hours whilst your brain is taxed with minimal frustration.

Deals - Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes
Beautiful and challenging, Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes is an enjoyable Hidden Object adventure

Finally, I want to recommend something a little different that I’ve just started messing around with. Rytmik Lite Chiptune Synthesizer (-35%, £3.11) is a fun little music creation tool which reminds me of the Circuits Composer that I went so crazy over in my review of Circuits. Focussed on chiptunes only as the name suggests, this is fun to mess around with and is simple enough to pick up quickly yet has a fair bit of power if you dig a little. I bought this both as a way to make the chippy tunes that I love, but also as a taste of Rytmik Ultimate (an upgrade key is available on the Steam store page).  So far, I’m very impressed, but do bear in mind a few things: this package is synth only, so you’ll need Ultimate if you want violins or guitars, you can’t import instruments without a mod and read the EULA before purchase!

Deals Rytmik Chiptunes
The UI is quite friendly and making music is as simple as drag-and drop, unless you want to dig deeper! (Rytmik Lite Chiptunes Synthesizer)

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle are trying something new this week with their Staff Picks Bundle, where Glen the Gargoyle shares a selection of his favourite games for us to enjoy. This is a three tier bundle, with the lowest buy-in being set to $1 for which you get Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons and Ultimate General: Gettysburg as well as a coupon for 10% off for new Humble Monthly subscriptions. We are quite familiar with everyone’s favourite dismemberment simulator and have captured the essence of it in this nifty screenshot:

Deals - Chivalry
Believe it or not, this is one of the saner missions. (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare)

Moving up a level, pay more than the average (currently $6.31) to get Tropico 5, GRAV (which is still in early access) and Victor Vran. There’s quite a variety here, with Tropico 5 cornering the god game market, whilst GRAV is a survival game of the same breed as ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust only in space. This makes me think that ARK and Space Engineers have been at it behind the bike sheds again and produced GRAV, which whilst still in early access feels quite well realised already.

Deals - GRAV
Well, I’m screwed. (GRAV [Early Access Screenshot])
Finally, at the top level of $12 is the venerable Homeworld Remastered Collection. In this pack of four games you get the classic versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 as well as their remastered versions. Much more than a fresh coat of paint, these remastered games bring better sound and feel well realised.

Bundle Stars

If classic gaming is your thing, then you might want to give the Broken Sword Trilogy a look. It probably doesn’t need any introductions for such a well known series of games, but here is an opportunity to own the first three games of the series for the low price of £3.39, with the complete pack of five games being available for £7.15 if you want to go all in!

Next up, we have the FPS Heroes Bundle. This little gem features 8 games and includes the incredibly awesome System Shock 2 as well as the hilarious Dino D-Day (Go Compy. Seriously, just trust me on this, you’ll love it). I’m not overly familiar with the other games in the pack, but System Shock 2 is worth price of admission (£2.39) on it’s own!

Deals - Dino D-Day

Finally for this week, let’s take a look at the Resurrection Bundle. 14 games for £1.79 is a great price, you get Realms of the Haunting which is a in interesting FMV/FPS/Point & Click/Horror mashup and Ampu-Tea which is an amusing way to pass a little time. But look closer, my friend for horrors await. We have the unholy trinity of Manhunter, Marine Sharpshooter II: Jungle Warfare and Desert Thunder. I cannot adequately convey the abomination of these games. Funhaus looked at Manhunter in a series of videos that made me snort fizzy drink out of my nose. The others have awful reviews on Steam and are generally made of ass. Please, if you buy this bundle, save yourselves from the unholy trinity, just hide them from your library and forget they exist whilst you enjoy the good games in the bundle. You would consider death a release from these travesties. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

That concludes this week’s deals. Please leave a comment if you feel we missed anything!


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