Deals of the week 14/09/15

Hi all and welcome to our regular feature where we bring you the best of Steam Weeklong deals, Bundle Stars and Humble Bundle!

Steam Weeklong Deals

It’s a Monday and this week Steam has 144 fresh deals to tempt us with. Topping the list we have Total War: ATTILA (-50%, £14.99 for the base game, DLC varies) which is admittedly of decidedly mixed reception to the point where I’m not even sure how a die hard fan of the series would take it. However, if you can tolerate the frankly insane amount of DLC flying around it may be worth a look, but to be honest it’s very much 2MUCHDLCCRAP4ME. Next (unless you are in Australia) you can grab the frankly ludicrous POSTAL 2 (-90%, £0.69) for cheap and for which I will let its reputation speak for itself (ahem).

Next up is a game which I bought a while ago on weeklong and I’m glad to see it back because now I can talk about it. The game in question is Faerie Solitaire (-95%, £0.34) and before you laugh at me it’s a suprisingly engaging variation of the game Golf (with cards, not clubs) that has rather an endearing storyline. It’s cutsey for sure, with rather dark undertones, but it has a lot of charm and I’ve already clocked over 9.3 hours on it which is a lot for a game of this type that I haven’t been reviewing. Finally, there is the surreal and highly atmospheric puzzler Kairo (-80%, £0.79) which is worth checking out even if you’re not really into puzzle games because it’s just so freaking strange!

Bundle Stars

There are big happenings this week in the lovely land of Bundle Stars. First up, Bundle Stars have announced Bundle Fest 3, which promises a new bundle of awesome deals every day over two weeks. Their first offering is the Game Makers Mega Bundle which has a nice selection of game makers including RPG Maker VX Ace and Game Guru  with a huge whack of DLC to sink your teeth into. This bundle can be had for £6.36. Also, we have big savings on a single game – Planetary Annihilation. This game received a lot of heat for its initial Steam release and has had criticism for its unpolished nature, but for the grand total of £0.77 it might just be worth a look, even out of curiosity.

Also new this week is the Thrills N Skills Bundle, which contains 8 Steam games including Hotel Giant 2 and Fantastic Pinball Thrills. This bundle has quite the spread of genres represented so it is sure to have at least some appeal and is priced at £1.59. That’s pretty much all the happenings in Bundle Stars Land, but be sure to keep an eye on them for the next couple of weeks as there may be some very sweet deals in the offing.

Humble Bundle

Over in Humble Bundle land you only have a short amount of time left if you would like to partake of the Tom Clancy Bundle which ends tomorrow. The Weekly Bundle this week is titled Super Slam Showdown and, honestly, I have only heard of one of these games so there isn’t much to say! Pay what you will for Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, Stardust Vanguard and No Time To Explain Remastered or pay more than the average (currently $2.71) to also get Divekick and Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball. At the highest pay level of $7 you can also unlock Sportsfriends.

In Humble Bundle Books we have (and I am squeeing like the fangirl I am) a bundle of Neil Gaiman Rarities. I am so freaking excited by this bundle as many of the titles are out of print and go on eBay for three or four times my monthly salary. There are far too many works to list here but there is some astonishing stuff – and this is the only time I have ever witnessed a bundle where the average price is higher than the top pay level. Wow. If you would like to read more about the bundle form the man himself, then I offer this link to his blog for your perusal.

Finally, there is also a new mobile bundle in the shape of Humble Mobile Bundle 14, which contains 7 games. Three games are available at the $1 pay level, including Toy Defense Premium, with four more titles on offer if you pay more than the average ($4.53) including Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.

That concludes our look at the deals this week. Please let me know if you see any good deals you think I should mention!

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