Deals of the Week 19/04/16

Hello and welcome to Deals of the Week, albeit a day late, where we bring you the finest deals from Steam Weeklong, Bundle Stars and Humble Bundle!

Steam Weeklong Deals

There are a plethora of deals available this week and leading the charge is Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (-75%, £8.75, please note this is the game and soundtrack bundle)! Offering numerous improvements over the original game (Sins of a Solar Empire and the Trinity expansion) what really makes this game stand out to me is the vibrant modding community, which can transform an already solid 4x space RTS into something quite different. Whether you’re a Star Trek fan or not, I really recommend looking up the Star Trek: Armada 3 total conversion mod, which is awesome and (in my opinion) justifies the price of the base game on its own!

Deals assertive diplomacy
A little assertive diplomacy from the United Federation of Planets (Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion with the Star Trek: Armada 3 mod installed)

Next up is Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime. Yes, it’s a jigsaw game, but it’s very well implemented and offers a lot of good gameplay changes over the original game (Pixel Puzzles: Japan). With a super kawaii art style, it may not appeal to everyone, but if you’re in the market for something a little different in your puzzle gaming then it’s worth a look. (Also, if kawaii isn’t your style they have a good selection of other titles with different themes to tickle your brain!) Seriously though, mute the fairy, she will drive you to dispair!

Deals - Pixel Puzzles 2 Anime
Reconstruct kawaii characters in this charming jigsaw game (Pixel Puzzles 2: Anime)

Finally, for this week, we have Cities in Motion (-70%, £4.49). Cities: Skylines has enjoyed a lot of success since its launch, but this little gem is where it all began. Focussing entirely on transport management (and avoiding the sometimes infuriating fiddly bits of CiM2) this game is charming and sometimes rage-inducing. If you like management games, or if you’re curious about the roots of the series, then its worth a look and I would recommend the Cities in Motion Collection (-75%, £11.24) if you want to enjoy all the game has to offer.

Humble Bundle

We have a new Humble Bundle this week in the shape of the Humble Telltale Games Bundle, which features titles from the company probably best known for The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands. Pay more than $1 for 5 titles including Poker Night at the Inventory and a Puzzle Agent 1&2 double pack. I’ve played all of these and whilst Puzzle Agent 1 & 2 are great games with awesome artwork by the legendary Graham Annable, who doesn’t want to play poker with Heavy Weapons Guy? Plus, if you play well (which I … don’t) you can win unique TF2 items that aren’t available anywhere else. Oh, and a little title called The Walking Dead Season 1 is also included at this pay level!

Deals - Puzzle Agent
Help Agent Tethers solve the mystery of Scoggins, one puzzle at a time! (Puzzle Agent)

Moving up a pay level, pay more than the average (currently $8.03) to unlock 4 more titles: The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands, The Walking Dead: 400 Days (this is an add-on for The Walking Dead) and Poker Night 2. I bought Poker Night 2 a while ago (for the TF2 items, mainly) and it’s a fun little game – my burning desire to punch CL4P-TP in the face/eye/anywhere that will shut him up notwithstanding. The AI feels a lot more brutal than in the original Poker Night, but I like to play them both for the variety of delicious bants!

Deals - Poker Night 2
Time for some cards and the stakes are high! (Poker Night 2)

At the final pay level, you can pay $12 or more to also unlock Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead – Season 2. More games are also due to be added at the average pay level so check back on Humble Bundle for more soon!

Bundle Stars

Finally, I’ve select three bundles from the range on offer on Bundle Stars to take a look at. First we have the All Stars 6 Bundle which offers 10 games for £1.49 (although the price will rise in the near future). Stand out titles in this bundle include Year Walk – an abstract indie title and Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which is a great little platformer from a series with an interesting history (although that’s a story for another time!).

Next, it’s time to wheel out the Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor Bundle. For £7.49 you can own this fun hack and slash adventure along with all of its DLC for maximum orc slaying enjoyment. Take control of the revenge bent Tarquin, sorry, Tallion as your romp across Mordor enjoying the sights, murdering orcs, managing the Captains with the super-cool nemesis system, picking flowers and trying not to punch Elf Lord in the face, the miserable git. If you haven’t played this game (and your system is up to the task which mine isn’t, but Ben’s fortunately is!) then it’s well worth a look

Deals LOtor shadow of mordor
KABOOM! This never gets old. (Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor)

Last for this week is the Super Mega Turbo Bundle which offers a whopping 18 games for £1.99. From what I can see, this bundle offers a wide range of little indie titles from publisher Back to Basics Gaming, that you can get on Steam for a song, such as RPG Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant and runner Turbo Pug. The reception for these games ranges from positive to pretty awful, but if you’re feeling bored with your Steam library, you’re sure to find something to enjoy here.


That concludes our look at the deals this week, thanks for reading and please join us next week!

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