Deals of the week 26/10/15

Hey there and welcome to our regular feature where we bring you the best of Steam Weeklong deals, Bundle Stars and Humble Bundle!

Steam Weeklong Deals

There are 106 games on offer for this weeks Weeklong Deals, let’s take a look and see what’s tempting! My first pick is the Flatout Complete Pack (-80%, £6.99) which contains a nice collection of four games of racing destruction. I’m most familiar with Ultimate Carnage which, as well as having great destructible physics with a nicely formed racing game, also has 12 hilarious minigames with some awesome ragdoll action. The one downside to this game is that it requires the barely functioning pile of junk that is Games for Windows Fail Live. Other than that, lots of fun to be had. My next pick is Deponia (-90%, £1.59) which is a funny point-and-click adventure game that I have heard nothing but greatness about.

EUT2 Cab shot deals
Showing off the new cab accessories

Next is the surprisingly addictive Euro Truck Simulator 2 (-50%, £7.49). I know that I’ve recommended it before, but it really is awesome and the development team are really great about improving the game regularly. There is a huge amount of DLC, but most of it is cool paint jobs with only a few bringing new content to the game. The most recent content (rather than cosmetic) DLC, Scandinavia, is an expansion in the old school sense and is well worth price of admission, especially on sale. Finally, if you want to torture yourself, look over Chernobyl Commando (-75%, £1.74). If you’re not familiar with this game (and its unholy sibling, Manhunter) then check out Funhaus playing these games on Youtube (warning: very strong language) and thank me later!

Bundle Stars

New this week on Bundle Stars we have the Nightmares Bundle, an appropriately horror themed selection of 8 games for a mere £1.39. Whilst there is nothing in this bundle that I was familiar with, for the low price I took a chance as I was intrigued by most of the titles, in particular Kraven Manor which features an interesting way of changing your environment by interacting with a scale model of the titular manor and The Samaritan Paradox which is a nifty little indie point and click.

Next up we have the Cities in Motion 2 Complete Bundle (£7.69). I’m afraid I’m entirely biased here because I freaking love this game, even though in some ways it is quite different from it’s predecessor (which I also love). The premise is that you indirectly develop a city by providing public transport which can take the form of buses, metro lines, trams, water buses and monorails (which was added by DLC). It’s incredibly engaging and there is a lot of satisfaction in seeing a well oiled machine – or seeing a mob of enraged commuters when things go awry.

CiM2 Mob deals
Now officially an angry mob

There is also a multiplayer mode which we at Vox HQ have spent far too many hours playing. Bear in mind, though, that the multiplayer is plagued by a bug that will eventually de-synchronise the two games – and we have never found a way to fix it once it happens. Whilst this is no Skylines, I think it still has a lot to offer.

Finally for this week, we have the Dead Island Ultimate Collection (£5.99) which contains a Game of the Year Edition of Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide Complete Edition, a couple of extra bits of DLC for Riptide and Escape Dead Island.

Humble Bundle

In Humble Bundle Land there is just time to grab the Capcom Bundle from last week, with new titles Resident Evil 4 and Remember Me added at the average pay level (currently $9.54). New in the Weekly Bundle we have a Games Workshop Bundle which is split over two pay levels. Pay what you want for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Talisman (complete with Frostmarch Expansion), Chainsaw Warrior and Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night. The highest pay level is $6 and for this you also get Space Hulk (Ultimate Pack), Dawn of War II: Retribution – The Last Standalone, Warhammer Quest and some DLC for Talisman. There are some decent titles here and it seems like too much of a coincindence that this bundle went up just before the release of Vermintide 😉

We also have a new Book Bundle in the shape of the Udderly Gigantic Top Cow Collection which is spread across three pay levels. Pay what you want for titles including Witchblade Vol 1 – 8 and Apollo IX #1 and pay more than the average (currently $11.19) for comicy goodness such as Tales of Honor Vol 1 and Freshmen Vol 1-2 with more titles to be added. Finally, at the top pay level of $15 you can grab Switch #1, Sunstone Vol 1 – 3 and IXth Generation: Issue 6. Also, if you visit the bundle page you can get a comic every day for the duration of the bundle (refreshes at 11am Pacific) for the cost of your email address.

There is also a new Mobile Bundle this time featuring games by Kemco. The lowest pay level is $1 for which you get Symphonie of the Origin, Eclipse of Illusion and Eve of the Genesis HD. Pay more than the average (currently $5.89) to unlock Silver Nornir, Fortuna Magus, Legend of Ixtona and Aeon Avenger. Plus, if you pay over the average there is the chance to get additional goodies, which will be unlocked as the total amount raised passes certain levels (the first level being $100,000).

That concludes our look at the deals this week. Please let me know if you see any good deals you think I should mention!

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