Deals of the Week – 08/02/16

Hey there and welcome to Deals of the Week, where we deliver your usual broadcast showcasing a selection of the finest deals from Steam Weeklong, Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars. On to the deals!

Steam Weeklong Deals (Steam Sale Special!)

Well, it appears that Steam have snuck a sale out! The Lunar New Year sale to be more precise, which ends on 12th Feb. As with other recent sales, there are no flash deals, so hopefully the prices I quote will still be correct when you look at them! I’m just going to pick on a handful of my favourite games and hope that you can find something you will enjoy among the 9600 products that are on sale, so let’s begin! First up, let’s look at Grand Theft Auto V (-33%, £26.79). Whilst this game probably needs no introduction, I think it’s worth noting that we first laid hands on this game on the Xbox 360, then bought the Steam release and we are still playing it. The story is enjoyable, but GTA Online is where things really get cracking, with the ability to wreak absolute havoc alone or, preferably, with friends. There are regular content updates to keep things from going stale and you can commit murder in nothing but shorts, a scarf and attitude. Yes. We did a review here a little while ago, but please note that there have been large updates to the online since then, but this should give you an idea of what to expect!

GTAV Bloody Car Deals
Ah, random deathmatch. Sorry, free mode. (GTAV)

Next, we have the one, the only The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can buy the base game for £2.49, but I recommend the Legendary Edition (£4.99) which includes all of the DLC as well. Oh, and the HD texture packs (free!) if your machine can take it. We have had significant chunks of our lives gleefully sunk into this amazing and touching tale of a man who took an arrow in his knee (oh, and something about dragons), which, to my mind, is at the pinnacle of open-world RPG, especially in a high fantasy setting. What makes this game shine even more than the story, graphics and content is the vibrant modding community which can transform your game into pretty much anything you can imagine. I tend to stick to tweaks, like Bandolier, Colour Maps and small graphics tweaks, but with workshop integration to make adding mods easier, its a lot of fun just browsing mods to stack your load order with and (unlike, say, Oblivion) I have only encountered mod borkage once and I run around 30 mods simultaneously on an older machine. Highly recommended.

Skyrim Dead Dude Deals
I think he got the point. (Skyrim)

Finally, because I have to stop somewhere, I give you Crusader Kings II (-75%, £7.49). Possible the grandest of grand strategies, this game sees you take control of a dynasty at steer it though all of the trials and tribulations a few centuries can bring. Now, I can see you looking at the store page and going “Thor’s balls, Izzy, that’s a LOT of DLC”. I would agree with you completely, but I would also argue that the base game alone has a lot to offer and you can then pick and choose the DLC to suit your interests. For example, The Old Gods rolls the start date back to 867 and let’s you play as a Pagan or Zoroastrian ruler, which adds new challenges in the shape of Holy Wars from your neighbours, but also allows you to raid. This DLC also makes rebels more interesting, so there is a lot going on here. The only one that I would suggest starting out with is Way of Life, as this adds more cunning stuntery (Seduction focus is OP-Ben) to your ruling character and opens the way for copious shenanigans(Like seducing your Uncle-Ben). Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the mods. There are a ton of them, from total conversion options to anime portraits for all characters (which we use due to the vastly improved look of the portraits and the excellent moustaches!). This game has the depth of the Marinaras trench and will keep you playing and playing, but if you want to enter the age of musket, you can also purchase conversion DLC to make Cursader Kings II play nicely with Europa Universalis IV.

CK2 England Burns
England burns in revolt. Again. (CKII with Anime Portraits Mod)

Humble Bundle

This week’s main Humble Bundle features Ubisoft games, so it is worth noting before we start that all bar two of the games listed (which I have marked) need UPlay to activate, which I’m not the biggest fan of. That said, there are some decent titles to be had if you can stand the distribution service! Pay more than $1 and you can be the proud owner of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (Steam), Grow Home (Steam) and Rayman Origins. Pay more than the average (currently $8.17) and you can also grab Far Cry 3, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and Assassins Creed Chronicles: China, with more games to be added at this pay level. Pay more than $15 to also grab Assassins Creed Rogue and The Crew. Finally, the top pay level is a princely $75 for which you get a pre-order copy of Tom Clancy’s The Division, a natty T-shirt and a coupon for the Humble Store.

This week’s weekly bundle is the Make Your Move bundle, which features three pay levels. Pay what you want to get Frozen Synapse, Frozen Cortex, Lux Delux and Shattered Planet, whilst paying more than the average (currently $6.48) will also nab you The Last Federation + DLC and Reassembly. Finally, pay $15 or more to also unlock Chaos Reborn and new title Big Pharma (which I have to confess to lusting after!). This bundle also features four soundtracks drawn from the games feature.

Bundle Stars

With Bundle Fest 4 now over, things have settled down a little over at Bundle Stars, so I will pick on a couple of sweet bundle deals to whet your palate otherwise this will be a long, long article! My first pick is the two tiered FPS Heroes 2 Bundle, which also happens to be the bundle of the day. This bundle has introductory pricing, so the prices I quote will rise in the near future. In the first tier (£1.49) we have 8 games featured, including the absolutely legendary Super 3D Noah’s Ark, which if you are into retro consoles may sound familiar, as it was the only unofficial SNES cart released in the US! This version has been prepped for enjoyment on modern PCs although the original DOS port is also included for the hardcore. Shoot food at goats! Marvel that Noah’s Ark is laid out just like Castle Wolfenstein in Wolfenstien 3D! (there’s a story behind that one!). YEAH!! Also, you can grab POSTAL 2 (unless you live in a country where it’s banned, of course).  Moving on to Tier 2 (£2.98) there are an additional 8 games including the (seriously now) legendary System Shock 2, which is an absolute classic that like to get inside your head and loosen things and I consider a must play if you’re even slightly retro-curious. Also included is the Nazi Dinosaur mayhem fest that is Dino D-Day 

Next up is the Wargame Franchise Pack. This is a little more expensive than normal, coming in at £13.59, but the included games are serious fun if you’re even slightly into RTS games. Set in an alternate Cold War gone hot, these three games feature deck building, where you choose your forces from a selection of nations and use up a certain number of points per unit you select until you have a full deck. There is a lot of flexibility, with the option to specialise decks (such as making an infantry heavy deck, which makes all of the infantry slots cost less points.) Whilst Red Dragon is both the newest and the best in the series, as it is the first to feature naval combat, all of the games offer a lot of enjoyment. You can opt to play a campaign mission where the deck is decided for you, skirmish against the AI (up to four per side on certain maps) or humans. The AI is both evil and cunning and the community, at least for Red Dragon is fairly active, so you are likely to find a game quickly. I don’t tend to play many strategy games (that would be Ben’s forte) but I found this series to be accessible enough for me to play it, whilst complex enough for more advanced deck warriors. These games come highly recommended, but do note that this offer is due to end very soon!

WG Red Dragon Deals
You see, Ivan, we must leave early for battle. Look at this traffic! (Wargame: Red Dragon)

That concludes our look at the deals this week. Please let me know if you see any good deals you think I should mention!

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