Deals of the Week – 18/01/16

Hey there and welcome to Deals of the Week, which unfortunately we had to miss last week due to Windows 10 staging an all-out mutiny(it has now been keel hauled)-Ed. So, without further ado, let us return to your usual broadcast with a selection of the finest deals from Steam Weeklong, Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars. On to the deals!

Steam Weeklong Deals

Steam are offering 185 products in their weeklong deals this week and there is some sweet goodness to be had. My first pick is the superb Bioware RPG Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition (-75%, £4.99). This game has been around for a while now, but there is still a lot of fun to be had – especially as this pack includes the DLC, Awakening, which adds even more fun to an already great game. My next pick is a game I keep banging on about – Circuits (-65%, £1.39). I won’t harp on again, but this is a fun little puzzle game that even let’s you create your own music! I covered Circuits in more detail here. Next, we have the ever awesome card game Faerie Solitaire (-90%, £0.69) which I found to be highly addictive and a lot of fun. A full review of Faerie Solitaire is here. My final recommendation for this week (there are more awesome games, but I have to stop somewhere!) is Puzzler World (-90%, £0.49). Yes, it’s old, it looks like garbage at full screen on an HD display and the second one is better, but, in spite of this, I still find it enjoyable so if you like wordsearches, crosswords and the like then I think you may enjoy this!

Deals Puzzler World
Searching for words in Puzzler World

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a little quiet this week as there is no main bundle, but there is still sweet goodness in the form of the Weekly Bundle, which this week includes a selection of FMV games. I have a serious weakness for this kind of game, so I’m delighted to see two of my guilty pleasures, 7th Guest and 11th Hour featured at the pay what you will level. 7th Guest was regarded as a killer app for the relatively uncommon at the time CD-ROM drive, and it’s great to see this piece of history (in all of its infuriating form) being brought to a new audience. I haven’t got to reviewing it yet, but one of our favourite Youtubers, Lazy Game Reviews, has covered it beautifully here. Now I’ve finished drooling, the rest of the pay what you like level features MISSING: An Interactive Thriller – Episode 1, the legendary Tex Murphy Complete Pack and Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure. The other pay level for this bundle is $5 for which you also get Roundabout and Her Story, which I recently played through and thoroughly enjoyed. There is also a Green Screen Challenge available on the store page if you feel like having a go at making your own full motion video!

Deals Her Story
Trying to get to the truth in Her Story

Bundle Stars

Bundle Stars is currently running Bundle Fest 4, which (I think) includes a new bundle every day for a period of time. I’m just going to select three bundles from the 25 on offer at random to give you an idea of what’s available. First, let’s look at the All Stars 5 Bundle, which is currently available at the reduced price of £1.59 for the next two days. This bundle includes the superb FPS Painkiller: Black Edition (which if you haven’t played, you should – guns that shoot tree trunks!), Planetary Annihilation, quirky board game 100% Orange Juice and the stunning physics simulator Universe Sandbox among its 8 offerings. I think this is good value for the titles included and may just tempt some money out of my wallet.

Next, I’ll take a look at the Hidden Gems 2 Bundle. This is a tiered bundle that starts at £0.79 and goes up to £2.19 to get all of the games listed. Tier 1 includes 3 games, one of which is Fractal: Make Blooms Not War. This is a very relaxing, yet challenging, puzzle game that I picked up ages ago and will occasionally fire up when I need to feel zen. Tier 2 includes 5 more games that to be honest I’ve never heard of, so to pick on the top one in the list you have Our Love Will Grow, which looks to be an interesting little farming/ RPG game which is billed as being in the style of Harvest Moon. Finally, at Tier 3 there are two more games, one of which is bullet hell game Pixel Galaxy which has an interesting twist – you are dodging bullets instead of shooting them!

Deals Fractal
Nailing a combo in Fractal: Make Blooms Not War

Finally because, well, I was just stunned into silence by this bundle (a rare occurrence) I present the Pro Simulator Pack. For a mere £21.19, you can get 8 august simulator titles including Mining Industry Simulator, Beach Resort Simulator and Construction Machines Simulator 2016. OK, OK, I was kidding about the august part. I am honestly not sure what to make of this, I only looked because I was hoping for the latest Farm Simulator, but if you feel the need need to simulate absolutely everything, this may be the bundle for you! Maybe. I would certainly advise perusal of the Steam reviews for each product before buying.

That concludes our look at the deals this week. Please let me know if you see any good deals you think I should mention!

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