Deals of the Week – 25/01/16

Hey there and welcome to Deals of the Week, where we deliver your usual broadcast showcasing a selection of the finest deals from Steam Weeklong, Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars. On to the deals!

Steam Weeklong

Steam have a whopping 226 products on offer in their weeklong deals this week, so let’s take a little time to sift the delicious wheat from the missile attracting chaff. I immediately spotted Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (-75%, £7.49) which is an awesome game. The base game itself is RTS 4x space fun, with surprisingly cunning AI where you can choose from a variety of victory conditions to make your empire come out victorious. There are six factions to choose from, all with different play styles and objectives although, coming from the previous installment (Trinity), I was disappointed to find that the factions consisted of the three from the original game just with different attitude problems. However, the best part of Trinity was the amazing mod scene and Rebellion delivers this in spades – most of our hours in the game have come from LAN playing a very awesome Star Trek mod. Definitely worth a look if you like your space strategy!

Next, we have Sakura Spirit (-75%, £1.74). I am entirely not in the target demographic for this, but being a fan of visual novels I gave it a look and was surprised that I enjoyed it! I got a laugh out of the game, but be aware that this is definitely an adult game with nudity and explicit dialog, so if you don’t like that sort of thing (or if you are a child) definitely steer clear!

Deals Sakura Spirit
What in the world indeed! (Sakura Spirit)

Finally, for this week, we have Shadowgate (-75%, £2.74), more specifically the 2014 version. This game has been carefully re-designed (apparently by the original team!) to become even more awesome than the much loved point and click puzzle game it is based off. I nabbed this in a bundle along with the original a while ago and am absolutely gagging to play it. (Well, when the editor stops working me so hard!)

Humble Bundle

This week the main Humble Bundle returns with a snappy quip and snazzy shades to bring us a bundle by Firaxis! The lowest pay level on this bundle is $1 for which you can get the most excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown (a chance to catch up before XCOM 2 comes out next month!), Sid Meier’s Pirates, the Ace Patrol Bundle and the complete Civilization III. If that isn’t quite enough strategy goodness, pay more than the average (currently $9.93) to get the complete Civilization IV, Civilization V, Sid Meier’s Starships and all the DLC for XCOM: Enemy Unknown (highly recommended, Enemy Within is an expansion in the old school sense). Finally, if you pay $15 or more you can also grab Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth with the Exoplanets Map Pack and a discount voucher for Rising Tide. Also, if you pay more than the average you can get 10% off Humble Monthly, which is something that I have subscribed to since the beginning and have found it to be good value, also giving me games that I wouldn’t otherwise have played, but have enjoyed!

Deals XCOM screen shot
He he he he (XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

There is currently no Weekly Bundle available, but if you still need a gaming fix (and maybe want to put that Humble Monthly voucher to good use) then you can still sign up for Humble Monthly, which will immediately give you access to Alien: Isolation.

Bundle Stars

Bundle Fest 4 is still going strong, new this week is the All Stars Bundle, which includes Tropico 4, the hilarious Magicka and the legendary System Shock 2 among its 8 titles. The current price for this bundle is £1.45, but this price is set to rise in the very near future.

Deals Magicka
BOOM! (Magicka)

Also new is the Quake Bundle, which for £5.77 gives you access to all of the Quake titles from the original stalwart to Quake 4 there is plenty of shooty death to be had as well as a variety of fun ways to make your friends hate you. Be aware, though, that this bundle is region locked, so be sure to check the store page’s list of countries where these games are verboten before you plonk down your cash.

Finally, for this week, I present the Fallout Bundle. Whilst it is more expensive than other bundles at £14.94, it does include every game from the very first foray into post-apocalyptica all the way to New Vegas and includes all DLC for the games that have it. Two things to bear in mind though: 1. These games are also region locked so please check the store page for details on that and 2. I have had hells trouble (and have had to employ mods) to get New Vegas and Fallout 3 to run on my 64-bit install of Windows 10. Even then, these games are not stable and seem to like corrupting even manual saves for the fun of it. The irony is that the earlier games run perfectly! It might just be my computer, but it is something to be aware of. If you can get them to run, New Vegas and Fallout 3 are awesome games, with a huge raft of mods available if you feel like taking it even further (I can spend hours and hours on Nexus eyeing up cool mods, but that’s just me!).

That concludes our look at the deals this week. Please let me know if you see any good deals you think I should mention!

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