Flames of War Starter set Allies update

In the last update I showed how I was getting with the Germans from Open Fire well, as promised its now the turn of the Allies. As I have mentioned before I already have a box of the resin and white metal Shermans  and I will be using them with the starter set models mainly as the Company HQ to start with. As I continue building both armies up I will be using the whole box as an HQ  and an extra full Platoon of 3 Shermans and 1 Sherman Firefly, although to get the full 2 tank HQ I will need to buy a Single Sherman in a blister pack to make up the numbers.

Now, (due to my ham handedness I suspect) a lot of the Shermans  have gaps where the different components for the tanks hull meet so these are going to have to be filled.

hole that needs filling

I will be painting the Shermans with the Guide included in Open Fire and they are much simpler than the German  STUG’s to paint as the base colour comes in a can and they have no camouflage.

Spray can

Before I do that I need to put the magnets that are also included in Open Fire into the slots on each tank.

These go into
… go into here










Tank Platoon 1 still needs the gaps filling in and the end of the Sherman Firefly’s barrel needs drilling out, the few moulding lines dealt with and the missing 50 caliber AA machine guns need adding.

Tank platoon 1
Tank Platoon 2 needs the same as Platoon one I may swap out their Sherman with the Tank Commander  riding heads up for one of the resin ones and use the one with the tank commander riding out as a Company HQ tank.Tank platoon 2
For the Airborne platoon I currently need to fill the gaps in the the bases and plug the spare hole on the bases that have the MG team prone firing ,then base and black undercoat them.

hole that needs filling
The hole that needs filling in



The Airborne platoon’s  bazooka barrel is going to be drilled out as is the mortars.  I may experiment with with theming the bases and of course any moulding lines will need to be dealt with.

airborne platoon


As per usual comments and questions are welcome just post them in the Comments section below or head over to the forum and ask them in the Wargaming section.


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