Flames Of war Looted Panzer

This is just short post I have been working on a Looted Panzer for my Late war Germans the Tank in question is a T-34 from the Plastic soldier company I have used both turrets in this conversion so I get more versatility out of the kit.

both turrets and hull

I have had a look on the internet at  pictures of captured tanks  from WW2 and Battlefront have useful article on captured tanks and how they looked in German service. After having a look at this I have added a German cupola  to both turrets and on the 85mm turret i have added a cupola with open hatch and a German Tank commander as it looks nice and adds a bit of character to the tank.

85mm turret

76mm turret

Now I am going to paint the hull and the two turrets Russian green to start with I am the going to add some Middlestone and German camouflage dark brown from Vallejo patches  to make it look like the hull and turrets have been crudely camouflaged. Also to Be added are some Very large Identification symbols as according to my research this was added by the Germans to prevent friendly fire.Once this done there ready for the table top.


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