Free January – Introduction

Happy New Year!

Well, the Christmas season has been and gone – along with a sale on Steam – so we decided to go easy on the bank account this month and take a look at games that you can play for free! Almost all of these games can be “enhanced” with a little real world cash, but we will be taking a look at how they can be played with almost no investment required (there are a couple of games that money has been spent on and these will be marked as such). This series of articles will be in the form of short summaries covering several games (no more than 5 at a time) and the intention is to produce a fuller review at some point in the future. The bias is towards Windows PCs although it will be noted when the games will work on Mac or Linux as well. Also, most, but not all, of the games covered will be available through Steam (mostly because I’m lazy!). Our aim was to play as many games as possible, but we are mere mortals meaning we had to ignore some perfectly good games, so if you have any favourites please let us know!

Free January will run for the entire month of January and the series will be divided into several chunks as follows:

Week 1

Friday Jan 1st – Clicker games.

Clicker Time Clickers
Time Clickers is just one of the clicker games we will be looking at

Week 2

Tuesday Jan 5th – Tanks.
Friday Jan 8th – Collectable Card Games.

Week 3

Tuesday Jan 12th – Air Combat.
Friday Jan 15th – Visual Novels.

Free January OMD
One Manga Day will be covered in Week 3

Week 4

Tuesday Jan 19th – Naval Combat.
Friday Jan 22nd -Puzzlers.

Week 5

Tuesday Jan 26th – Shooters.
Friday Jan 29th – MMORPGs.
Friday Jan 29th – Honourable mentions.

Free January Badpipes
It would be hard to cover F2P shooters without looking at TF2!

We hope you have an awesome new year and join us for a whole month of free games!


Izzy Tinsley is a gamer, geek and crafter. She writes for on Linux, retro and gaming. She also runs with her musings on life, the universe and everything. You can find her on Twitter as @izzytinsley

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