Linux Part 2

So when I left you last time I had got Ubuntu installed and I had done the groundwork for the Steam install. Well that’s all been done now .The mouse is still working and I am now ready to get Steam on here, now there are two ways to get Steam on Linux the first way is to go to the Steam website and download it like you would do if this was a Windows computer or an Apple computer or there is the way that I used which was to go to the software center and install Steam that way.

Now i went on to the software centre and got Steam that way. But last time I downloaded Steam for Linux I got it from the Steam site and it’s mostly the as if you were installing the software center once the basic setup had been completed Steam started downloading it’s latest version so it could update during this process I got my first error message.

nternet as I had just downloaded Steam, so I clicked ok and was about to check the internet to see what the problem was, but before I could do this the download for the update restarted, shortly into this attempt to update the same error message appeared, so I clicked ok and once more the download restarted again the error message popped up again I did as I did before at this point in time I was about to check the internet to see if anything could be done about this seeming problem ,the Steam update s download stayed steady and it downloaded and updated Steam successfully. ( I have no idea what was going on here with the repeated error messages and if anyone would like to enlighten me let me know in the comments).

With that sorted Steam finished installing successfully after logging for the first time I got a message asking me to install the drivers recommended by Steam now I have a bit I a dilemma here last time I did this the the computer crashed shortly after install which meant that Linux needed reinstalling but I suspect that there may be another cause to this so I am going to sort the drivers out at a later date as i don’t want the Linux to need re installing after all the trouble i had with the mouse.

I just need to get some of the Games I have that work for Linux downloaded from Steam as well and do some looking into the drivers before I can proceed so this seems like good place to stop.

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