Linux Part 1

So steam released their steam Linux client a few months ago, now I have used Linux a few times before but I am mainly a Windows user as that is where all my games are but with steam now on Linux I thought “hey why not Give it a shot” so this is the first in hopefully a series of articles tracking me as I start to use Linux this article will be me talking about how I found the Linux install and some of the problems I had with it . Now I should mention that I have used Linux before and this computer had a Linux install on it that I was mucking about I will be starting from scratch with fresh install the the version Or Distro I will be using is Linux Ubuntu 12.04LTS (yes I know Mint is more popular but the steam client is for Ubuntu).

Linux deskyop
Linux desktop

Now I installed Linux from a live CD the Drive I installed it on is an 80gb western digital SATA Drive now I found the install process was reasonably painless now I as you may have guessed I already have on this computer a Windows 7 Install and a Drive that is set up for steam games to be put so they don’t take up all the space on the Windows 7 drive and so there out of the way incase windows 7 stops working, the installer spotted that i had this and gave me the option to install Ubuntu along side the windows 7 install.
Once Linux had been installed I came across my first problem, now I have a Mad Catz R.A.T 3 gaming mouse and as I started to use Linux I found the at the mouse’s buttons were stopping working after a internet search it turns out the mouse was having problems talking to the X server (display server) so after a hour or so of tinkering (you can see the links is used to fix the mouse at the bottom of this article)it was made to work.

Mouse fixes

Now with the mouse now working as it should it I then started adding the software i needed this is done from the software centre in Ubuntu. Now there is NO version of Google chrome on Linux But there Chromium which is the open source project which Chrome is based off or vice-versa Firefox works as standard on Linux next to be installed where the “Ubuntu restricted extras” this is the flash plugin and the ability to play MP3’s and some other stuff now that is not Installed as standard as they have a restricted Copyright


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