Model railway layout plan for the sites layout

One of the things that the site does need is a model Railway layout, planning has been going on for a while now I do Intend to use this layout plan for Both N gauge and OO/HO gauge I will be building the HO/OO one first as I have more HO/OO than I do N gauge at the moment.

vox railway layout plan
This  layout is a shunting (Switching in American railroading parlance) as I don’t have that much room, now the plan is to have the buildings and scenery being able to be removable so they can be the Bigger UK outline OO stuff or the smaller American HO stuff depending on what trains are being run,the plan is still a rough plan so may change and I have yet to choose the location of any buildings or any kind of scenery this just a track plan at the moment.

I will be needing  to make sure that the longest locomotive I own which is a Hornby OO gauge Class 60 will fit on the straight sections of the track without fouling any points.As the class 60 is a super detail model and can’t be used on  tight radius track so I will also need to take that into account.

Hornby OOclass 60
As for the scenery I have not decided yet all I know is that it will be some form of railway yard if anyone has any suggestions on scenery feel free to let me know in the comments.



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  • January 5, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Hi; Think the closest you will acevihe is 1:144 I have a US Army tank train, also carrying M198 Artillery Howitzers as well as tanks etc.Looks fine.. Trawl the internet for 1:144 aircraft. Cheers


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