Model Railway locomotive Upgrade Part1

Now last week  I went on holiday and I came back with a model Bachman GP38 in Southern Pacific livery from about 2010 I think now the exterior is very good ,much better than my Hornby BR class 40 of the same price range.But this is not a review as such this is more following me as i upgrade a budget Model railroad locomotive to generally improve it.

Loco in Box

Now the exterior of the loco is very good it’s got a bit more detail than my Class 40 that cost about the same price  and the colours and printing of the Southern Pacific logo is crisp and clear.

Loco extera


Now this loco has lights but they’re yellow not white now I will be replacing these with white LED’s which should make the number easy to see and make the loco more realistic  and the next thing I will do is add some plasticard over the light section in the cab to stop light leaking into the cab (excuse the picture)


After that, I am then going the weather the loco and maybe if I can, add a crew and interior to the cab.


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