Open Fire :Shermans work in progress

I have been working on the shermans from the starter set and the ones I owned before I got the starter set. The plastic Shermans have had the magnets put in them and been undercoated with the Can of british armor green spray paint  and are now being painted up am using the the instructions from the back of the starter guide that comes in the box to paint them ,which is nice and simple spray green, wash with black shade and then Drybrush a lighter green on and paint all the detail. The only problem I have encountered is the spray paint is almost exactly the same shade as the base plastic which makes undercoating a bit of an issue.

Spray can

I have used these instructions for my resin Shermans the only thing that I have done is undercoated them black first and they look good

Resin sherman and plastic sherman next to each other
Plastic on the left Resin on the right

To finish these though I need to get some the colors as I lack them  and when I have done done all the dry brushing  I will be painting the details and any crew and once this has been I will add the  50cals and they will be done. I am currently sorting an opponent out for a game with both armies.


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