Open Fire! Update: STUG’s work in progress

I have been working on on the Stugs you get in Open fire OK now i should mention this is work in progress these are no way done ,well one of them is nearly done .Once they are finished they will have German decals on their sides that can be got from Battlefront(the Company that makes Flames of War).

STuG 1






This is the First STuG as I have mentioned in previous post I plan to have each STuG in the platoon looking Different with one looking factory fresh with no Camouflage .This is that STuG the Stowage is now painted mostly it Just needs it’s final highlights  and the tracks and MG need Painting but once that is done and the decal are added it’s done and ready for the table.

Stug 2






This is the second STuG this has has been Camouflaged it needs it’s stowage painting and the camouflage  needs highlighting the camouflage has been drybrushed and once those have been done, the tracks need doing along with the MG and the decals will be added last and then it’s done.

STuG platoon command tank






This is the command tank for the STuG platoon I haven’t done anything with it as I am having trouble with the camouflage I may need to do more research  on how it looked  on STuG’s.

So that’s the STuGs Progress so far the next thing to get an update will be the infantry the you get in Open Fire!



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