Total War:Rome II Review

Well I have been playing Rome 2 some more and as I was waiting for the game to be patched because of the optimization issue they have had something that has also been patched are some of the problems that the AI was having in the campaign.

Now that these have been fixed the game is now is optimized I have been able to play quite some time on the campaign and I have managed to play every custom battle mode.The custom battle mode now allows you to play all the different types of battle that you may encounter in the campaign they only thing I would like to see Is the game telling you which troops are from the same Time period.

Custom battle

The battles have been left the same from the previous installments  although the naval battles have been made a little bit more simpler to learn by the fact that the there are no cannons and the primary naval tactics of the period were ramming and boarding so there were  more like Land Battles at sea.

The Historical battles are Famous Battles from the ancient world Such as Teutoburg Forest there are only four at the moment but hopefully there will be more added as there are some major Battles missing and I was Rather hoping for the Battle of Gaugamela.

Historcal battles
Multiplayer has not changed  that much there is also a Multiplayer campaign  which I will be looking at a later date.

The Main Campaign is very much a Total war campaign the way that the campaigns for each Nation are sorted has been changed Nation are now Factions within a Culture such as the Britannic tribes  This should make it easier to find the faction you wish to be when starting a new campaign when all the DLC factions are released.

Something else that has been added is a zoomed out map so you can see  your empire in it’s entirety and see which  who owns what and and you can also use it to see what is going on in your empire such as where is the highest order is and other stuff that is really quite useful as the empires on Rome 2 can get quite large.

Tatical over Veiw map

But over all I have enjoyed Rome 2 and It is a worthy successor to Rome 1.


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