Flames of war starter set update plans June 2013

This is just quick update on what’s going on with the flames of war starter set, now Battlefront are releasing a new set of briefing books for D-day to replace Earth and Steel and Turning the Tide ,as two of the army lists that I intend use for the armies you get in the starter set are from these books I will be waiting until I can get a hold of the replacement books before progressing on the army list front I have done list for the Germans from the briefing Book fortress Europe for the time being and hopeful will be getting to test it soon.

As for the models that you get in starter set well the two armies are progressing nicely if a little slowly on the painting front as I am still getting the hang back of painting 15mm instead of 28mm historical and 28mm heroic models along with some large scale model tanks.

The next update will be full sized update not a short one like this hopefully with some more pictures and maybe some army list planning with the new D-day books

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