The Rules For the February Challenge 2013

OK this is the first blog Post i am Doing and the subject of this is some rules a few weeks ago i challenged my other half to a race as it were over February 2013 basically i have to build and paint the new flames of war stater set and she has to knit a shawl now i will be showing my progress on here and she will be posting on her blog which is a knitting blog so if any of you reading this have other half”s who knit or even knit yourself head over there.The Rules are


The Rules For the February Challenge

1)These rules must be posted to each participants blog before the challenge commences

2)The Challenge runs From February 1st 2013 to February 28th 2013

3)Each person must produce a minimum of two blog posts per week providing progress updates

4)The projects must be worked on at the same time unless by prior arrangement

5)Victory conditions:

-Projects must be completed by midnight (GMT) on February 28th 2013

-thebarnet must build and paint the new Flames of War starter set (excluding the V1 flying bomb)

-YarnRush must complete the “Die Eerste” shawl such that almost all of the purchased yarn has been used up

-If both projects are not completed by the deadline, the challenge is considered a tie

The Prizes


A Grande drink and cake of choice from Starbucks

thebarnet – £10 of World Of Tanks Gold

YarnRush – A £10 gift voucher for Yarn

And, of course, eternal bragging rights


Now those are the rules so expect my first  post about this tomorrow and proper review on the starter set

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