Total War: Rome II – First Impressions

Total War: Rome II is out  this is going to be a short post as the Total War games are expansive to say the least. There has been at the time of writing some problems with optimization resulting in a low FPS, but the Creative Assembly have said there will be a patch for this next week so that’s when I will be doing the full look at Rome 2.

For this brief look I have been playing as Rome (obviously).

The game looks really  good even though it has some optimization issues.

Campaign Map Rome 2

They have changed a fair bit, including how armies and fleets  are recruited. You now need a General to recruit any units and you now can’t directly recruit from cities any more.

A cool addition  is both fleets and armies can fight on the same map with the ships of the fleet able to land on the shore and disembark their crew. As Naval warfare in this period was mainly boarding and ramming the disembarked crew can be used on land quite effectively. for example  a ship with ranged capabilities would give you a missile unit and  for the Roman’s at least the assault or combat ships give you a unit Roman legionaries even before you can recruit them in game for your land armies.

Ships about to land on shore on Rome 2

Naval warfare has improved although a word of advice – try to avoid ramming a ship of the same size head on more than once as, well, this happens:

Yes that was my fleet commander
Yes that was my fleet commander

Land battles have not changed much from the previous incarnations of the Total War series. They have added more ambient wildlife into the game such as birds overhead and occasional  herds of deer on the land battles and even whales appear occasionally during a sea battles.

Rome 2 battle with deer


Overall, my first impressions of Rome II have been good. I have had a few crashes (one of the crashes I had was when I lost a battle so it appears the game does not want me to lose) and there is the optimization problem, but gameplay wise I have had fun and enjoyed my self. Now, some time next week there will be a full look at the game and a run down on what’s changed.





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