Update for Flames of War starter set plans

OK, at the time of writing, the weather around the Vox Bunker has been rather, well, damp – wet and cold,  so I have not had the chance to get out to undercoat the models from the Flames of War starter set. This blog post will be about what I plan to add to the two armies that are in the starter set. This will be company support options only as I am still working out what I want from the Divisional support options if any.


Now, for the British tanks that you get in the starter set, I will be using the Canadian 4th Division Armored Squadron (Tank Company) army list from the Turning Tide Late War book. As I already have the late war British Sherman box (BBX08)  I will be adding an extra platoon of 3 normal Sherman tanks plus a Sherman Firefly VC, mounting the 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun. As you get 5 tanks in the box I will be adding the extra tank to the Company HQ platoon. Using this box will give me an extra platoon plus some cover for the HQ platoon that hopefully means my Company CO and 2IC will survive longer and will give me a bit more firepower. I may add some infantry, but I am going to play test the army first. I have a UK Late War rifle company that I can use to add the infantry should i need them as well as some 6 Pounder Anti-Tank guns. I will be using the American airborne as the basis for a new Paratrooper army (also from Turning Tide) and when I get the new Market Garden books, I will be using them as a support Platoon for a UK Guards Tank Company.


For the Germans in the Starter Set I will be using the German Grenadier list from the Fortress Europe book. I will be using all the German models you get in the Starter Set bar the V1.  I will then be adding a Machine Gun platoon with two sections of Machine Guns and a Mortar platoon with a single section of Mortars . My MG’s and Mortars come from my existing  Panzergrenadier army Heavy Platoon so that’s why there is only one section of Mortar’s at the moment I will be adding a full platoon of Mortars at a later date. Next in the additions will be a platoon of Infantry guns with two 7.5cm leIG18 guns. I will not be taking the larger 15cm sIG33 guns as they need a tow to move whereas the 7.5cm guns do not.


Expect a more post with a painting progress report next week and the army list too hopefully.


The stuff that i will be adding:

BBX08 Armoured Platoon (From the UK section)

GE804 HG Heavy Platoon (yes i know it’s the HG one Battlefront don’t make a normal German one to my knowledge)

GE558 7.5cm leIG18 gun (HG) (yes It’s the HG I bought the wrong one)

GE425 Steyr 1500 Kfz 70 (x2) (i will need 2 packs of these)

GE412 Horch Kfz 15 car x2


These can be bought from here


along with more Flames of war stuff..

If you have any suggestions for the Divisional support head over to the forums and let me know in the Wargames section



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