War Thunder First Impressions

So I have being playing War Thunder for the past few days I spotted it going round on the steam front page and noticed it’s free-to-play and I have being seeing ads for it for ages around on the internet. It’s a World War 2 flying combat game although they are going to be adding tanks and warships at a later date The nations you can play as are the UK,Germany who also have Italian planes, the USA, The USSR and Japan

Now War Thunder is Free-to-play which can means that you can end up having to fork out money to advance, but with War Thunder this not the case you can by the looks of it get to the top tech by just playing the Game, there is Stuff you can buy using the Premium currency  “Golden Eagles” but it’s nothing game breaking. These just appear to be oddities for each of the nations  and planes like the US Plane types that served with the UK along with captured planes , you can buy improvements for your plane with the premium currency though but apart from two things you don’t have to.


There are a couple of game modes such as Domination where you have to land to capture airfields and destroy ground targets and then there is Ground Assault where you have to destroy the other teams ground units and airbase. There are also several game types such as Arcade were you start in the air and things are more like an arcade flight game , Historical were the teams are e.g. Germany vs the USSR and you start on the runway and have to land to reload and refuel along with a few other things. Finally there is Full Real which is like a flight sim with full controls locked in cockpit view you need to reload on the ground will go into this more once I know more.

Now spawning into combat is interesting instead of having only one life you have all the planes of the country you have chosen for that round and when you die you get to choose another. This does add a bit of strategy such as on  Domination where you have to land to capture do you take a slow fixed landing gear Biplane to take some airfields or do you go for a faster fighter to go keep the other team from getting near the airfields or do you take a bomber and go deal with the other team’s Ground forces.

spwarn screen

How now does it play? Well, I managed to “persuade” someone who struggles with flying games and they found it OK  and were able to get the hang of the game in a reasonably short time.

I found the game to be enjoyable it’s simple to learn but hard to master and there a a few moments of epicness in each round of War Thunder I have played.The game itself runs well on my mid-range few years old gaming rig on the High settings level, the controls are simple being based on the WASD and mouse. You can also use other inputs like a joystick and a Xbox 360 controller though.  Now I did try a joystick but I think it needs configuring properly as this happened a few times:

War Thunder hanger

I will be coming back to War Thunder as I enjoyed it and I will be doing more on it once I have got more planes and have played the game some more.


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